Electronic module development of audio processing techniques subject to twelveth multi media graders in vocational high school

  • Lamijan Susarno Universitas Negeri Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia


Electronic modules are packaged teaching materials systematically in the form of presentation of learning materials in a digital or electronic format that is Self Instruction, Self Contained, Stand Alone, Adaptive, and User-Friendly containing a learning material. Students are expected to be major in the use of electronic modules. Subjects that require independent learning is the subject of audio processing techniques. The model used is a model development Research and Development (R & D). Based on the analysis of questionnaires by subject matter experts and media concluded that the media very well. And proved also by the results of a questionnaire testing small groups categorized splendidly with the acquisition of a percentage of 96%, and the test results are categorized questionnaire large group very well with the acquisition of a percentage of 96,9%. So that the results of the value of the pre-test and post-test performed on a control class and experimental class using test data analysis test obtained was 8,098 and the distribution table t-test with the significance level of 5 % was obtained = 2,68. the Ho rejected and Ha accepted.