Children independency and adaptability based on family education and play group entrance

  • JUNIATI JUSNIAR Universitas Negeri Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia


This research aimed to determine children independency and adaptability based on family education and Play Group entrance background. This research was descriptive qualitative research while data was collected by interview, observation and documentation method. Data analyzed using thematic analysis. The research results were: 1) children with preschool education background showed more independency; 2) children with family education background showed less independency; 3) children adaptability with preschool education background was more adaptive as they were able to socialize with peers and adults; and 4) children adaptability with family education background was less adaptive due to the family's overflowing support. In conclusion, Play Group is important and effective to create children independency and adaptability. Furthermore, teachers prefer children with play Group entrance as education background because they are more independent, better in taking instructions, and easier in adjusting to the environment.