Implementation of Compassion Value in Teacher Education System to Improve Students’ Social Competency

  • Jossapat Hendra Prijanto Universitas Pelita Harapan, Indonesia


This research aims to know the implementation of compassion value in teacher education system to improve students’ social competency. This research used literature study method, which is looking for relevant theoretical references according to the identified case or problem. The result of compassion value implementation discussion showed there are seven points which are resulted by habituation (culture), such as: (1) developing innovation works, involved in scientific works (seminar or conference for instance), as well as actively devoting themselves to society. (2) Playing an active role in other activities rather than merely in learning process school and society held. (3) An ability to deliver aspiration about the progress, difficulties, and learners’ potentials to their parents, either in formal meeting or not, among teachers, parents, and their peers. (4) Able to communicate with the society in around as well as doing their roles in social activities in society. (5) Contribute to school development and having achievements which impacting school reputation in positive ways. (6) Having broad views about social problems through following actual updates in both press and electronics media, as well as able to compel the learners to actively participate within it. (7) Helping and encouraging each learner to always think critically towards a certain social event or problem which is happening in society.