Experiental learning: using the learning material on integrated concept

  • Ika Rahmawati Universitas Negeri Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia


The aim of this research is to determine the needs of students, especially in the Department of PGSD, and alumni and stake holders of the courses and learning materials used when students studying at PGSD. It based on the implementation of K13 which is implemented in Elementary School, where the learning in Elementary School is implemented thematically and integrated. The method in this research is survey research. Where the researchers do is conduct a survey by distributing questionnaires to students of PGSD, alumni and stakeholders. It is done to analyze the need for learning materials used in lectures in PGSD. The questionnaire is expected to give some information related to the needs of what is required by PGSD students during the students study in PGSD on learning materials that should be used in lectures at PGSD, considering PGSD is a place for elementary school teachers candidate who will be dealing with a curriculum that implements thematic and integrated learning