Conceptual model of mobile learning based moodle for learning in higher education

  • Ika Lestari Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia


Mobile phones are currently widely used by students. Depending on the results of the needs analysis found that more students open social media applications on cell phones than by using mobile phones for learning activities. Therefore, this study aims to find a conceptual model of Moodle-based mobile learning for learning in college. The research method is descriptive qualitative with data collecting technique such as interview to material expert, media, and instructional design. The research was done in the Elementary School Teacher Education of Jakarta State University. The result of the study showed that there was a combination of learning theory with Moodle based mobile learning as the basis for the establishment of online instructional for students. It expected that the conceptual model of this research used as a reference for lecturers who want to use mobile phones as learning media to maximize instructional and learning activities in the classroom