The Development of Learning Material to know Allah names on Kindergarten

  • Istatik Siti Choiroyarah Universitas Negeri Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia


The formulation problem on this research is how the appropriateness and the effectiveness of Asmaul Husna guidance book suitable to improve the language progress and religious value on the students of B group in kindergarten. This research has goal to produce guidance book, that is appropriate and to describe the effectiveness AsmaulHusna material-guidance book having goal to improve language progress and religious values on the students of B group kindergarten. Its development product is guidance book and video in VCD. They are AsmaulHusna material and six material stories. This development is done by three steps. First, the development step uses the Dick and Carrey development model. Secondly, product trial step. It is validation test by material expert and media expert. Third, the effectiveness trial step is done by personal trial, small group trial using pretest and posttest design. The instrument of collecting data uses interview and observation technique. Then, the data is analyzed descriptively and statistically by counting the percentage and the average. Base on the analyzed data is able to conclude that AsmaulHusna material guidance book is able to improve language progress and religious value on B group students of kindergarten.