Development of career model based on life skills to increase career maturity

  • Richma Hidayati Guidance and Counseling, Universitas Muria Kudus, Indonesia


The purpose of this research is to develop career based career counseling program to increase career maturity. Career maturity is an individual's ability to make decisions about continuing education and work based on knowledge, attitude, and skills. It assumes that the development of career maturity is an individual role in the world they occupy. This research uses Research and Development (R & D) method. The result is the program of career based on life skills for increasing career maturity. It can effectively improve the career maturity of SMK students on all indicators. This is based on the difference in scores on the initial evaluation of 136 points and the final evaluation of 172 points, where student career maturity increased by 36 points, or significance count (sig. 2-tailed) 0,000 at the 95% significance level (0.05). Because of the significance of the count <0,05, the null hypothesis (Ho) is rejected, whereas the alternative hypothesis is accepted.