The role of care group in character building and academic development in higher education

  • IMANUEL ADHITYA WULANATA CHRISMASTIANTO Pelita Harapan University, Tangerang, Indonesia


This paper aims to examine more deeply about the role of care group for character building and academic development in higher education based on a literature review relating to theories of developmental psychology, character education, and Biblical Christian worldview supported by observation data. The research design used in writing this article is descriptive qualitative. The subject of this research was a member of care group led by researcher. In reality there are still a lot of character and academic problems that lack the attention of educational institutions, especially in higher education. Following up on this, it is important for higher education to think and provide solutions that can deal with these problems. This study is expected to provide recommendations for higher education to prepare a productive age workforce who honor God, who are highly competitive, and who are able to contribute actively to sustainable national development toward prosperous Indonesia.