Correlation between giving reward and motivation and the increasing of the students’ learning interest

  • Agus Widodo Universitas Negeri Surabaya


This study aims to: (1) To find out how much relationship / correlation between the provision of rewards with interest in the leaning interest of learners on The computer course program of  Microsoft office  at LKP NEC. (2) To find out how much correlation / correlation relationship between motivation with learning interest of learners on the computer course program  of Microsoft office at LKP NEC. (3) To Analyze the interaction between reward and learning motivation with learners’s learning interest of Microsoft office at LKP NEC.

This type of research is a type of quantitative research. Data analysis technique used is correlation technique Pearson Product Moment Correlation analysis is taken because not only as a way to know whether or not there is a linear relationship between variables, for example the linear relationship between two variables. Correlation analysis or association is also a study of the degree of relationship to the relationship between variables expressed by the correlation coefficient. The relationship between the independent variable / X (reward, motivation) and the dependent variable / Y (Interest learning).     The result of this research are: (1) Reward significance value (X1) with Motivation (X2) significance value 0,047 <0,05 meaning there is significant correlation. (2) Between Reward (X1) with Interest (Y) significance value 0.005 <0.05 which means there is a significant correlation. (3) Between Motivation (X2) with Interest (Y) significance value 0,000 <0.05 which means there is a significant correlation.

From the results of this study we suggest: (1) Teachers  provide rewards to learners to improve their learning motivation and create a fun learning atmosphere such as by using varied methods, optimization of learning media. (2) Educators more motivate learners. This is as we all know, increased interest in learners  significantly occurred after the application of motivation in teaching provided by educators. Motivated approaches in particular need to always be maintained and continue to be developed so that the learning interests of learners are also always awake and increased, thus the goal of the teaching process will certainly be more easily achieved.