Playing drama for early childhood using hand puppets with story telling method

  • Iga Ayu Intan Candra Universitas Negeri Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia


Understanding the art of drama for early childhood is to express the story through action and dialogue. Action can be a childs body movement that can communicate the message. Pre-school children interested the interactive form of the game that use their motor skills and sensory. Playing dramas using hand puppets is an interactive form of learning that allows children to participate in the role play in the story. Story telling using hand puppets is a qualitative research, which can be applied by constructivist and behavioristic learning process. The child is required to know the material, the teacher as the facilitator, then present the story. First, children are invited to make hand puppets. Second, children are invited toa simple story. Third, the presentation by telling stories using hand puppets. Telling stories using hand puppets is one of the methods for playing simple dramas that can be applied to children in pre-school age. One of the advantages of this method is, the character of a funny hand puppet will attract children's attention to play the drama. Playing drama will build a sense of care, confident and mutual respect among others, through the learn process of cooperation, learning action and reaction.