Local Culture In Basic Violin Learning

  • Harpang Yudha Karyawanto Universitas Negeri Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia


This basic fast violin learning method is a promotional strategy in the non-formal school of music to attract students and parents, thereby encouraging them to study at that music school. The method is implemented for all elementary or grade I violin students, especially for children between 5-7 years old who are studying at Indonesian music schools of Surabaya. This method is very appropriate to be applied in this music school. The material taught is in accordance with the basic concept of playing techniques in general, however, there is a development in the book designed and learning methods which is based on the culture of Indonesia. This design was developed through the packaging of violin textbooks used locally. This paper is expected to produce the concepts and discourses of fast violin learning in accordance with the basic culture of Indonesian nation, as well as finding more innovative and creative violin learning methods. The results are expected to (1) facilitate students to more quickly understand the basic techniques of the violin, (2) reduce children’s saturation in the process of learning, (3) increase students’ interest to study in music school or music institution.