Analysis the content of character in student book for first grade elementary school

  • Fajar Mega Ayu Septiyana Universitas Negeri Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia


This research aims to describes the value of the character that is contained in the student book for first grade elementary school, to describes the suitability content of character against the indicators of The spiritual attitudes competence (KI 1) and the social attitude competence (KI 2), and describes presentation technique of the character. The results of the research is: (1) the student book contain of character with varying amounts and uneven distribution; (2) the contain character presented have largely corresponds to indicator KI 1 and still less appropriate in KI2, (3) presentation technique of characters is by way of: a) disclosing, b) integrating, c) discussion, d) using song, e) using drama, and f) uses various activities. This research can use as a guide an evaluation for teacher and student to apply the value of a character in the family, school and society.