Practical method of drawing human figure for visual art students

  • Fuad Akbar Rodhi Priyono Universitas Negeri Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia


Mastering the plastic human anatomy in art is a provision for artists and art students. The ability to draw human figures fairly well, will support and benefit in various subjects or in various branches of art besides painting and sculpture also in character design, comic, animation, human modeling and others related to the depiction of human figure. In fact, mastering human anatomy is something difficult for art students, it needs a special method for understanding. From the problems that have been described, there needs to be a practical method to optimize the learning of the plastic anatomy of human figure. At first students must understand the overall structure of human anatomy especially for the bones and muscles. After that they must learn it separately part by part. The parts are head, upper body, lower limb, arms, hands and feet. When the students have understood it, they need to identify what they know from a picture references. Gestures and mannequinize the figure are required as a practice. The practice will make the students could draw the figure well.