Social skills to improve social adjustments by peers

  • Elisabeth Christiana Universitas Negeri Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia


Teens involved in peer relationships are very strongfor finding their identity. Individuals who begin to enter their teens should be given help to address some problems to be faced. Teen issues in the context of the social adjustment also there are some points that need to be faced such as awareness in positioning itself on the social environment, establish good relationships within families, schools and communities, and to understand the values, norms, and rules that exist in social life. Lack of understanding of social adjustment in adolescence may lead to individuals experiencing barriers and problem in the Neighborhood. The purpose of research to describe social adjustment with the help of peers through social training. Teens need their full attention to peers to be able to face various problems. Hence the need for help and support from peers to affect teenagers or students who have a low level of social adjustment.The research methods is literature study. Social skills are the skills that earned by individuals through the process of learning used in relating to others and the environment is good and right. One way that students are able to improve the social adjustment with the help of peers through social training.