Implementation of CBSA-based direct learning to improve student activities and learning outcomes in class IPS

  • Elly Andriani Universitas Negeri Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia


This research is based on the low learning outcomes of Element V SDN Kertajaya V / 211 Surabaya. This is due to teacher-centered learning While the quality of the learning process that allows students to become active learners is neglected. The purpose of this study to determine the increase in student activity, and learning outcomes in the Application of CBSA Direct Based Learning to Increase Student Activity and Learning Outcomes in Class V IPS Subjects.The research design is Classroom Action Research with 3 cycles. The object of research is 21 students Data obtained from the observation and test. Observations were made to observe teacher activity and student activities during the learning process, while tests were conducted to measure student learning outcomes.From the results of this study, researchers recommend to teachers to apply CBSA-based direct learning model because it can increase student activity and learning outcomes both quantity and quality.