Verbal and nonverbal aspect on teaching and learning process

  • Danang Tandyonomanu Universitas Negeri Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia


Learning is a transfer of knowledge from teacher to students. The successes of this process do not only depend on how teachers compose the messages, but Also on how to deliver it. This study aims to Determine how verbal and nonverbal messages can Affect the reactions of students in the teaching learning process. By using ethnographic methods of communication to verbal and nonverbal aspects of pre-service teachers found that the variation of verbal and nonverbal behavior could pose a different response. Student responses may affect the students willingness to engage in the learning process. There are three categories of communication style: assertive, aggressive and passive. Those three styles have different verbal and nonverbal aspects. And each style may promote different students response. Based on this research, pre-service teachers can learn and practice verbal and nonverbal behavior that elicits favorable student responses to improve the quality of teaching and learning process.