The development of learning to navigate a scenario applied to the full mission bridge simulator

  • Damoyanto Purba Universitas Negeri Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia


This research aims to prove that learning to navigate the scenario making the application using full mission bridge simulator can be represented in a comprehensive manner on the material learning of the navigation functions. Design research is a group of experiments with scenario usage control and full mission bridge simulator with seventh step procedures Borg method & Gall. As for getting the results of the research used an instrument of observation and interviews. While the subject of this research is a group nautical department. Data analyzed by qualitative instruments three descriptive scenario in one area of the narrow channel and traffic zone. Based on the results of the analysis showed the utilization development program scenario can be used to navigate diploma and non diploma apprentice nautical program merchant maritime to meet the competency as a ship officer on the merchant ship with weights of 500 gross tones or more.