Mathematical learning model based on scientific approach in preschool

  • Dadan Suryana Universitas Negeri Padang, Padang, Indonesia


Development of scientific-based mathematical approach. Scientific learning is an effort to achieve learning objectives through the activities of children are expected to develop the ability to observe, ask, try, reason, and communicate. Mathematical ability of children is expected to develop well through learning activities that provide stimulation of potential that is owned by small children. The research method uses 4D, which consists of four stages: "Define, design, develop, and disseminate." The result of this research development is Mathematics teaching material arranged in the form of 13 themes, and in learning mathematics developed basic concepts of learning mathematics that can be applied to the learning in the age group of kindergarten. The concepts taught to children are: Figures and Mathematical Operations; Shape and Space; Measurement; Pattern; Analysis and estimation of data. The material is prepared according to development stage. Hopefully this model of mathematics teaching materials can be understood and can be used by teachers as a reference in teaching and learning process in the classroom, so the ability of children in learning mathematics will be able to develop well and can be a solid foundation for development.