In primary schools in Indonesia

  • Deni Setiawan Universitas Negeri Semarang, Semarang, Indonesia


Arts education in primary schools in Indonesia develops the role of local content as the main idea of the learning and the creations of the artworks. Local content in each and every region in Indonesia has important role in creativity development originated from the traditional values recognized by society. The observation on the content of arts learning was carried out, in a qualitative research, toward the primary schools in Desa Wonotirto Bulu Temanggung, Central Java. In order to the field observation, we also made documentation study on the content of arts education in the Kurikulum 2013, as well as studying some products that had been made in the arts learning in the research location. The research found some findings, i.e.: the traditional values originated from the local culture were studied to be knowledge and information to improve the society’s understandings on the belonging and developable potentials. The ideas of the arts learning in primary schools in Kurikulum 2013, strengthen the local cultural products more to be learnt in balance on the arts knowledge in general. Additionally, the local content contains educational and knowledge values for the next generation based on the created artworks in the learning process. The educational values were implicitly put into the ornamental shapes originated from the local shapes, the visits to the archeological sites, deep knowledge about the traditional music and folksongs. Several other themes, such as traditional dances, local expressions give advices on life experiences and moral, socio-cultural, technological, and ethical values, work ethics, and high sense of responsibility.