Management development in the selection of school headmaster candidates to obtain quality performance of school headmaster

  • Budi Tri Cahyono Universitas Negeri Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia


The purpose of the study is to evaluate work performance of school headmasters in Surabaya, Indonesia, in terms of the selection of school headmasters. The headmaster is the school personnel who is responsible for all school activities. Headmaster as a teacher who received additional assignments have multi-role, among others, as educator, manager, administrator, supervisor, leader, innovator, motivator and entrepreneur. The selection of headmaster is used to develop competence of headmasters, especially in managing school development with a correct understanding of the concept of the selection. The result has found that many of headmasters were not competent in managerial and supervision skills. This is very significant because these skills refer to the competencies of headmasters in leading schools to achieve good quality in education. Headmasters should have sufficient skills in managing school effectiveness. As a recommendation, training for managerial and supervision skills should be provided before the selection will be conducted.