A training of creating APE (Educational Game Making Tool) in parenting to increase children’s multiple intelligence

  • Ali Yusuf Universitas Negeri Malang, Malang, Indonesia


Parents play a central role in the development of children in their growth period. This shows that parents are basically, primary educators at home. The method the researcher employed in carrying out the society empowerment activities on the target mothers and parenting workshops at PAUD, RW 1 of Made regency comprised, lecturing, participatory and demonstrative method.   From the implementation of trainings on the educational games making related to parenting at RW(community group) I, administrative village of Made, Sambi Kerep regency in Surabaya in enhancing children’s multiple intelligences, it could be inferred that: 1). the trainings went smoothly as planned. The results were quite satisfying encompassing the attendance of the participants, motivation, response, and active participation, the practical and insightful subject matter that expands the knowledge, experience, and skills. 2). Further evaluation is needed to find out the significance of the follow-up of the trainings that parents.3). Follow up trainings are needed to develop the skills which have been acquired.