The implementation of eating together habit in order to foster the ability of fine motor and social emotional of play group students

  • Ainur Risalah Universitas Negeri Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia



This study aims to describe the habit of eating together, the role of school membership, obstacles encountered, and recommended solutions. It is a descriptive qualitative research. The habit of eating together is done at every first 15 minutes of break time. Eating habit trains children to involve their fine motor. Besides, it trains them to manage their social emotional. The principal holds a policy to establish standard operating procedures (SOP) of the implementation of eating together habits as well as carries out periodic super-vision, teachers guide and care them according to SOP, and parents prepare children’s supplies. The difficulty of eating in children is caused by the disruption of body functions and psychological conditions, lack of awareness and knowledge of parents. It needs the support and patience of teachers, to create a pleasant eating atmosphere, and parents, to bring appropriate supplies of children’s dietary habit and children’s appetite.