The application of VCT by using video media to improve honesty value awareness on civics learning for students elementary school

  • Andri Nina Setyaningsih Universitas Negeri Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia


This classroom action research aims to increase student activity and awareness of students' honesty values through the application of Value Clarification (VCT) learning model by using video media in Civics learning for fifth graders. This classroom action research is conducted in three cycles. Each cycle includes the planning, implementation, observation, and reflection phases. Data collection method used in this research is observation and attitude scale assessment. The result of data analysis indicates that student activity and student honesty value of awareness increase in every cycle. The students become more courageous in asking questions and answering questions, students are also trained to express opinions and convey their arguments, students learn to weigh the good and bad of an act, in addition, the students also learn to determine the value of the attitude of his choice. In addition, the percentage of awareness level of student's honesty value is increasing.