Rosette Guitar Quartet: Social "YouTube" Media Simulation as a Music Composition

  • Roma Dara Citata Trisakti
Keywords: simulation, composition music, rosette guitar quartet


One form of reality in music today where the music industry does a lot of innovation in terms of publications or in the form of promotions that put commercial attention in their work. The existence of YouTube as a promotional media is utilized by the rosette guitar quartet in presenting a musical composition performance that is presented with creations and productions in the form of audio visuals uploaded via YouTube social media. YouTube also began to function as a medium of reference, promotion, and even existence groups such as artists, musicians and artists. In this thesis the creative process which is considered by the Rosette Guitar Quartet to be a thought process that produces solutions and ideas outside the conservative frame that have a great opportunity in work, and new innovations in the creative industry in the postmodern era.