School principal innovations through improving school administration

  • Andik Widodo
Keywords: school principal, innovations, improving, school administrations


Development of educational administrators themselves, also still rely on incidental efforts, such as Education & training, workshops, seminars, workshops and others. Educational experts and educational administrations tend to agree that major advances in education are possible only if the education administration itself is managed in an innovative way. This means that educational institutions must be managed with innovative administration, as schools managed with innovative administration will be able to accommodate the developmental dynamics outside the education system, particularly the development of science and technology and the demands of society. This is because education administration is an integral part of the process of establishing elements directly related to the education process and curriculum applications that focus on children's education, such as teachers, facilities, finance, school relationships with parents or the public (school public relations ). School development planning, and others. This study uses a qualitative approach in descriptive form. The use of descriptive methods in this study with the aim of describing school principal innovations through improving school administration. The acceptance of school principals to innovation in the field of educational administration was a key to the acceptance of all school components, Teachers and school staff in general, including students, to innovations that will be implemented in schools. That is, a competent and innovative-minded the principal is the key to whether or not the innovations received by teachers, school administrators, as well as key The success of school curriculum innovation.