Human Resources Management Based on Headmasters and Teachers Performance

  • Muh. Burhannudin Harahap
Keywords: human resources management, Headmasters performances, teachers performance.


The management of human resources in these two schools has also not been optimally implemented. This is characterized by comprehensive and comprehensive learning that cannot be implemented optimally. In addition, the development of school principals' leadership has not been optimal, which is characterized by the rare delegation of school principals and teachers to improve competencies, giving awards and bonuses to principals and outstanding teachers is almost never implemented. This situation resulted in the motivation of principals and teachers in achieving a very reduced performance, even the headmaster and the teacher carried out their duties and functions simply aborting their obligations. This study uses a qualitative approach in descriptive form. The use of descriptive methods in this study with the aim of describing an activity of implementing leadership of the principal in implementing management in his leadership which first analyzes the implementation process. This Management application provides authority from the foundation to the school, and then the principal delegates to each teacher and employee.