Growing Students Attitude and Behavior Getting Immense of Entrepreneurship Insight

  • Anang Dwi Ujianto
Keywords: students attitude and behavior, entrepreneurship insight, the commercial planning


The immensities of senior high school have attitude and behavioral potentiality through the entrepreneurship insight nevertheless  not only their capabilities of the entrepreneurshipinsight but also the potentiality of the creative idea to achieve the commerce have not been developed and informed optimally.The aim to hold the exertion is to provide and to perform the commercial planning to develop the student’s the entrepreneurial  psyche. After performing the commercial planning ,the student must possess the attitude and behavior of entrepreneur insight to provide the source material to create the economical valuable goods. The methods of the exertion are explanation ,game,discussion,and questions and answer as well as to conceive the commercial planning. After being provided the material of entrepreneurship and the commercial planning ,the evaluation result of the implementation of the methods who performed by twenty four participants denotes the increasing knowledge and comprehension. The base of data processing to carry out comprehension. The base of data processing to carry out  the commercial planning improves that all of participants own the attitude and behavior of the entrepreneurship insight more.