The Effect of Motivation, Attention of Parents, Leadership and Ability on Learning Achievements

  • Karyanto .
Keywords: motivation, parental attention, leadership, teaching ability, learning achievement


This study aims to determine the extent of learning, knowing the magnitude of the influence of the effectiveness of principals 'leadership, determining the influence of teaching abilities, knowing and understanding the influence of motivation, leadership of principals, attention to teacher teaching abilities, together with parents' achievement, knowing the magnitude of anlysis parents. This study uses a survey method. The population of this study was 1006 students and the study sample was determined to be 265 students as respondents with a simple random sampling technique. The results of data analysis using Mutiple Linear Regression Analysis show (1) student learning motivation has a significant effect (2) parents 'attention has a significant influence (3) principals' leadership has a significant influence (4) the teacher's teaching ability has a significant influence (5) together student learning motivation, parental attention, leadership of the principal and the ability of the teacher to teach have a significant influence.