Leadership of School Headmaster in Improving The Quality of Education

  • Ratna Suciningtyas
Keywords: leardership, headmaster, quality, education


The problem of improving the quality of education in each school is not the same, has different characteristics according to existing educational sources. In addition, leadership, administration, and education policies also determine the quality of education. The implementation of education in schools, both public and private, will not be separated from cultural values and norms. Not only is it a good company, but it is not limited to responsibility, but it is also a school that is located, and is used as a result. and build and gain trust from subordinates and the community. the role of the principle of quality of primary school education which leads to performance is obtained by a qualitative approach, so that data collection uses observation, interviews, and analysis. The results of the study revealed that; the principals in influencing personalities are carried out with an approach to person and provide an explanation of the ability to move and support the ability to guide, encourage and develop through exemplary and direct conduct through the division of duties and motivations for individuals and classically which is adjusted to the time and place and work.