Study on Basic Need for Guidance and Counseling Media Development Textbook

  • Hardi Prasetiawan
  • Said Alhadi
Keywords: counselor, media; guidance & counseling, textbook


This present study was aimed at developing a proper, feasible, valid, useful, and reliable of Guidance and Counseling Development Media Textbook in Guidance and Counseling Major in Faculty of Teacher Training Program University of Ahmad Dahlan so that it can be utilized to carry out the learning activity. This study method was categorized as Research and Development with 4D (Define, Design, Develop, Disseminate). In the first year, the instrument of the study was a questionnaire to reveal or Identify the learning need and in the second year, the study focuses on guidance and counseling development media textbook. There are different results of each aspect and indicator. The analysis of the questionnaire score based on the indicator of learning activity is considered good during the classroom process, while the analysis result of the questionnaire score on guidance and counseling development media textbook was categorized as very good and is dominated by good in criteria. Accordingly, it is estimated that of guidance and counseling development media textbook is feasible to be developed as a reference for students who join guidance and counseling media development subject, or for the public such as school counselors who concern with guidance and counseling media.