Curriculum Management of Education and Training

  • Moh Yusuf Bahtiar


This research uses descriptive qualitative with a case study method. Data collection techniques are carried out by observation, interviews, and documentation studies. The data analysis used is descriptive qualitative analysis by giving an explanation of the assessment that contains narrative descriptions, starting from data collection, data reduction, data presentation, and confirmation of conclusions. Research result are (1) the education curriculum planning and training of aircraft public relations staff in the Sidoarjo archipelago begins with establishing a curriculum structure that will become the foundation, after the formation of the structure the concept of a structure consisting of background, goals, scope, competency standards and basic connections is needed. Continuing the learning process in the field of education and training of airplane public relations staff in Sidoarjo. (2) The implementation of the education curriculum and training of the space relations staff of the Sidoarjo archipelago fulfills the requirements relating to each class of students according to the curriculum documents that have been prepared, each learning process can be integrated with the program and some produce products as learning outcomes. (3) Evaluation is carried out based on the objectives of education quality and staff training.