The Management Skill of Female Principal

Multi Case Study in Public Junior High School and Private Junior High School

  • Mahmudah .
  • Soedjarwo .
  • Karwanto .
Keywords: skills of principals, female principals, school management


This study aims to describe the skills of female principals in school management to increase public trust in the leadership of female principals. The focus of this research is planning, organizing, implementing, and monitoring. This study uses a qualitative approach with a multi-case study design. Collection of data is done through in-depth interviews, observations, and documentation studies. Informants in this study are the principal, vice principal, teacher, school supervisor, students, and parents of students. The obtained data is checked for the validity of the data then to be analyzed. The research findings show that female principals have high analytical skills, participatory and good communication skills in conducting school planning. Organizing carried out includes creating an organizational structure with clear and capable division of tasks and responsibilities. The school activities are carried out in accordance with planning and can be accounted for, and is able to provide the best solutions according to the program plan.