The Development of Learning Technology Based on Character Building

  • Noviana Desiningrum
  • Endang Nuryasana
Keywords: Development of Learning Technology teaching materials, Character Strengthening


The purpose of this study is to develop learning technology teaching materials in the steps of testing the draft Learning Technology textbook based on character strengthening. The trial was conducted on students of Elementary School Education in the University of Wijaya Kusuma Surabaya (UWKS) through quasi-experimental research. The experimental class is given the treatment of the Think Pairs Share learning model, while the control class uses the conventional method. The results of the trials in this study indicate that; (1) the linguistic aspects of the teaching material are quite good. The language used in teaching materials needs to be improved. (2) the integration of the Dick and Carey model in the systematics of learning technology teaching materials is very good. (3) the category that character strengthening in learning technology teaching material is very good. (4) Management of lectures by lecturers in the good category. (5) The character value of students in lectures into the very good category, (6) Understanding and completeness of student learning on learning technology material has a mean score of 77 in the Good category. (7)  the response of students feel happy and motivated to learn the material of learning technology based on character strengthening.