Increase The Involvement of Students with Special Needs in Higher Education Through Accommodative Learning

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The research aims to: (1) increase the involvement of students with special needs in learning in higher education (2) able to understand the concepts, objectives and objectives of identification and assessment. The research was conducted with an action research approach, data collection was carried out through observation as long as the learning activities took place in the classroom, and the assessment of student work results; Data analysis is done qualitatively. The results of the study show: (1) through the application of accommodative learning all students with special needs (three blind people and one autistic person) can participate and participate fully in all learning activities as which activities are carried out by other regular students. (2) based on the assessment of the work of the three blind students can reach the minimum level of achievement of specified competencies, while for students with autism (one person) still need special assistance because their verbal mastery is not as rich as those who are blind.