Teachers’ Perception of the Status of the Teaching Profession, Motives of Becoming Teacher, and the Professional Belief

  • Siti Ina Savira Universitas Negeri Surabaya
Keywords: verbal reasoning, visual impairment, experience,


This study aimed to examine the relationship between teachers’ perception to the status of the teaching profession, motives of becoming teacher, and the professional belief of the primary school teachers. The data were collected using questionnaires, one to measure each variable. The questionnaire were given to 35 primary schools in Sidoarjo with 10 teachers as sample of each school. The statistical analysis were applied to examine data and make inferences. The result of this study showed that there is a weak relationship between the perception of the status of the teaching profession with professional belief. A similar relationship also applied between motives of becoming teacher and the professional belief. However, there was a moderately strong relationship between the three variables simultaneously. It can be inferred that teachers may adopt the professional belief within the teaching profession without necessarily depending on their perception toward the status of the teaching profession or the motives of becoming teacher.