Islamic Based Crisis Counseling Model

  • Evi Winingsih Universitas Negeri Surabaya
  • Najlatun Naqiyah Universitas Negeri Surabaya
Keywords: Counseling crisis, islam


Crisis conditions in individuals are basically normal for everyone. But not all people, especially teenagers are able to deal with these conditions. When this crisis problem does not go away within a certain time, a new problem will arise. This research aims to develop a book in the form of a book. This research is a type of development research. This research produces a book that has met the acceptability criteria of a media. The results of the expert test on the aspect of content worthiness had a score of 95%, a feasibility study of 94%, a feasibility of 85% graphic, and a practicality rating of 84%. Based on the four criteria and the results are categorized very well and do not need revision. Based on the assessment of user eligibility tests the content has a score of 68% with good criteria, no need for revision. Language eligibility scores 58% with poor criteria and needs revision. The feasibility of graphics with presentations in 75% of the categories is good and does not need revision. 66% for practicality with good category and does not need revision. From these results there are some improvements, especially the use of language that is difficult for students to understand. So it can be concluded that this research has produced books with stiffened improvements.