The Influence of Numbered Head Together Cooperative Learning Model on Animation Thinking Ability and Level 4 Student Learning Outcomes Theme 7 Subtheme Beautiful Diversity

  • Ahmad Anwar Universitas Negeri Surabaya
  • Yatim Riyanto Universitas Negeri Surabaya
  • . Harmanto
Keywords: NHT; Coopereative Learning Model; Animation Thinking Ability


Based on observations made at Tambak Elementary School oso waru sidoarjo class IV. Obtained information that teachers are less inofatif in the use of learning models and learning media in the learning process. Student's critical thinking skills are lacking. Because the learning process still emphasizes aspects of knowledge and understanding of the material. Students still follow the instructions of the teacher and follow the instructions said by the teacher alone without thinking further about the matter being studied. Students write down what is on their notes without adding or developing their opinions. There is no variation of answers between students with one another. Often students are only fixated on the material contained in the guidebook or notes provided by the teacher. In addition, also seen in preoses to work and group discussions, there are still many students who are passive and inactive in commenting, and still hesitant to express their opinions so that the implementation of the learning process is less effective. So that learners not yet accustomed trained to develop thinking skills and apply the concepts learned in school. Therefore, the researcher uses cooperative learning model of NHT type (Numbered heads togedher aided by Animation media so that it can improve critical thinking ability and student learning outcomes increase so that students' learning ability above KKM has been determined.