Full Day School in Indonesia

  • Martina Purwaning Diah Department of Public Administration, Universitas Brawijaya, Indonesia


Improving the character education is needed by Indonesia learning system. It was initiated by Minister of Education and Culture to promote the full day school for primary and secondary school.  It will give the students the additional time for character building, strenghtening the moral, and minimize their waste time from school by extracurricular activities. The full day school is good idea, but the implementation has to be well prepared. Public policy is not a partial policy but the comprehensive process. It must be considered based  on  many variables  that  affecting  the  implementation  in  term  of  the hierarchy regulatory  support; geographic differences, readiness of human resources; socioeconomic condition and financial support. Therefore, the implementation of full day school needs to be supported from all stakeholders in term of achieving the goals.