The Effect of Using Board Game on English Vocabulary Mastery of Islamic Boarding School Students

  • Tiyas Saputri
  • N R Aquariza
  • T Muflihah


This research was conducted to know the effect of using board game on English vocabulary mastery of At-Tauhid Islamic Boarding School Students Sidoresmo Surabaya. The sample was the second year students of SMP at the Islamic boarding school.  The subject were 16 students. The research method was pre-test and post-test of the experimental research. The data collection technique was pre-test and post-test score result. The data were analyzed by using compare means paired sample T-test by comparing the result of pre-test and post-test design, and t-test to know the significant effect in students’ English vocabulary mastery after using board game. The result showed there was a significant different between pretest and posttest mean and statistical test analysis of IBM SPSS Statistics 20 using compare means paired samples t-test, it was 0,000. Ho was rejected because significance level was < 0.05. Therefore, there was a significant effect of using board game  towards
students’ vocabulary  mastery