Effectivity Of The Leadership In High School (SMA Yake Jakarta) to Increase School Performance

  • hotner Tampubolon


The school management is a measure of the success of principals in improving the effectiveness of the performance, the study aims to: (1) know the school management (planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation) to improve the effectiveness of school leadership, (2) determine the obstacles that hamper school management in improving the effectiveness of school leadership, (3) determine the business improvement (action) done principals overcome the obstacles that hinder the effectiveness of leadership. This study uses the method: a descriptive qualitative research. Qualitative research methods are used as research that produces descriptive data, in the form of words, pictures and not numbers. This research report has excerpts presenting the data in the report, which the study's data comes from interviews, field notes, photographs and other documents. RESULTS: (1) Management Yake Jakarta high schools in improving leadership effectiveness the school is not optimal particularly in the implementation of the work program, monitoring and evaluation. The school principal is not optimal in performing their duties and functions as a whole in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation due to lack of time the principal due to additional tasks to the principal outside duties that teachers and employees are guided in the implementation of school activities, (2 ) the obstacles that hinder the school management in improving the effectiveness of school leadership school Yake Jakarta including maintenance
of school facilities and infrastructure are less well programmed, teachers and education staff have not been optimally provide services to students and parents. Character formation of students have not been fully executed, (3) The work done by the principal to overcome the
constraints that hinder the school management to improve the effectiveness of school leadership SMA Yake Jakarta.