A Profile Of Student’s Scheme Activation Based On Theory of Constructive Operators (TCO) In Problem Solving Reviewed From The High Mathematics Ability

  • . Suroso


The purpose of this study is to get a profile of student’s scheme activation based on Operator Construction Theory (TCO) in solving mathematical problem from students with high mathematics ability. Descriptive-explorative method with qualitative approach is used in this study. The subject is students of grade XI in Science major of SMAN 1 Ponorogo. The data is collected using task-based interview and is validated using time triangulation. Then, it is analyzed using categorization, reduction, explanation, interpretation and conclusion making. The results are: (1) in Understanding Problem: The students do operator C, L, incomplete I, M, and F; (2) in Devising a Plan: they do operator C, L, incomplete I, M, and F; (3) in Carrying Out the Plan: they do operator C, L, I, M, and F; then (4) in Looking Back:  they do operator C, L, I, M, and F.