Improving Student’s Interest and Achievement in Learning Reading and Writing English for Beginners

  • Gede Wira Bayu
  • N W Arin


This research is based on the result of observation which is showed that 38% of the total 28 students have low interest in studying English and most of the students have low achievement in reading and writing English for beginners. This research is classroom action research which is involved the students in II/C class SD Negeri 3 Banjar Jawa at the second semester of the academic year 2015/2016 to improve student’s learning achievement reading and writing English for beginners. The result of this research showed that the implementation of telling story method with drawing media is success to improve student’s interest and achievement in learning reading and writing English for beginners. Better attention, willingness, and effort of the students showed that the interest of the students is improved, 52% of them are like the implementation of telling story method with drawing media and 70% of them declared that this method can improved their willingness in studying English especially reading and writing. It’s indicating that this method is effective.