Contextual Teaching And Learning (CTL) For Geometry Learning Module

  • Dyah Tri Wahyuningtyas
  • Nury Yuniasih


The objective of this research was for developing geometry learning module by using Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) approach. Through CTL strategy, the students would learning through ‘experiencing’ not ‘memorizing’. This module was contained activity by making meaningful linkages, presentment of problem in open-ended, cooperate, the provision of individually services by understanding checking, and self-assessment. Phases of development geometry learning module were: (1) preliminary research, (2) prototyping phase, and (3) assessment phase. The result of designing in prototyping phase was geometry learning module design by using CTL approach. CTL components on geometry learning module were: (1) Making meaningful connections, (2) Self-regulated learning, (3) Collaborating, (4) Critical and creative thinking, (5) Nurturing the individual, (6) Reaching high standard and using authentic assessment. Draft module consist of (1) module description, it consisted of core competence and basic competence which would be reached (2) the instruction of using the module, it explains the introduction, measurement of the initial ability, activities sheet, conclusion, assessment column, work sheet, and answer key.