Contextual Analysis of Literacy Learning Based On Balance Literacy In Elementary Inclusive Education

  • yuliati .
  • Sujarwanto .


Purpose, obtain a literacy learning needs profile (reading and writing) based on a comprehensive balance literacy approach through contextual analysis of literacy support and literacy learning applied by regular teachers and special tutors at Inclan Primary School in East Java, Indonesia. A qualitative approach with case study design is used. Data were collected by observation, interview, and test techniques. Interactive flow analysis with multipurpose technique is applied. The result indicates that the policy support capacity at the national and local levels is strong, the carrying capacity of the limited literary facilities/environments, the comprehensive literacy learning profile is unclear, although some characteristics of the balanced literacy approach have been observed. The literacy profile of regular students is sufficient while the literacy competence of children with special needs is low. Required material/books, training and mentoring to be able to apply learning based on balance literacy approach.