The Importance of Trust In Counselors to The Effectiveness of Counseling Service at School

  • Suparman .


The purpose of this research is to know the importance of trust in counselors towards the effectiveness of counseling service at schools. This research uses a descriptive qualitative method, that is, to describe facts systematically and thoroughly. This will be conducted by collecting data and information to be arranged, explained, and analyzed. The trust shows that counselors can accept themselves and other people which can be seen through the healthy interpersonal communication that is built between counselors and counselees. This communication therefore is free from the needs of acceptance and the attitude of judging as the counselors have already first accepted themselves and other people. Counselors who have trust are the counselors who can be trusted by counselees. This happens because behind the trust there is a responsive attitude towards counselees or empathetic learning. This therefore leads to effective counseling process.