Need Assessment To Develop Teaching Set For Improving Higher Order Thinking Skills of Junior High School Students In Learning Mathematics

  • Venti Indiani
  • H Retnawati


This study aims to describe the needs assessment of schools related to effort in developing student’s higher order thinking skills (HOTS) on mathematics learning. This study was descriptive explorative research by means of qualitative data gathering. Data were collected through observation and interview. The data sources were six mathematics teachers of junior high school and 10 students of grade VII in Junior High School 2 Mertoyudan. The data analysis was conducted by looking for the theme, then determining the inter-theme relationship in order to attain the proper understanding. The results of this study are: (1) HOTS of students is still relatively low so it needs to be optimized; (2) there is no available student worksheets that can facilitate students in improving HOTS; and (3) teachers still have difficulties in developing teaching set that can improve students' HOTS.