The influence of audio visual on students’achievement

  • Suparno Suparno Universitas Negeri Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia


This research based on the new curriculum that used thematic learning material. In the thematic learning, subjects of study didn't evident as a single charge. The researchers added the use of audio-visual media and service learning on IV grade students because in the material researchers assume that students get learn yet optimal. Therefore, this the purpose is to the learning outcomes of students on the theme 4 subthemes 2 lesson 1 of IV grade students. This research using quantitative methods with true experimental design in the form of the posttest-only. The research data is the study results of using audio-visual media. Sources Data in this research was 4 grade students of Ketabang elementary school. Data collection technique in this research is using post test, based on the results of data analysis, can be concluded that on use media audio-visual in this research is successful with “good”.