Analysis Reception of Cosmopolitan Magazine and Fashion TV

  • Silviana Purwanti Universitas Mulawarman, Samarinda, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia


Thisstudy discusses the preferences of women's media in relation to consumption practices and the meaning of such consumption practices.This research is about to obtain knowledge whether individual  consumption practices are really in fluenced by the media; whether the influence is deterministic, inthesense  of the media having an absolute in fluence; or whether it is dialectical, inthesense of mutual relations and mutual influence;or reflective, in the sense that the media gives a particular message in the  individual's consciousness as aphenomeno logical experience; Or even refractive, in the sense thateach individual 'refracts' what the media exposes. Morley  in his comprehension research analyze dand placed the audience in three categories of interpretation: Dominant side, negotiating side and opposition side. The conclusion is that audiences negotiate the meaning in the media and that according on cultural background, family, attitude and value preference, gender factors,etc.