Foreigner’s Cultural Arts Learning Method at Indonesian Art and Culture Scholarship Programme

  • Sesaria Prima Yudhaningtyas Universitas Negeri Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia


Introducing the Indonesian cultural art is not only for Indonesian people but also for foreign people. The Indonesian ministry of foreign affair then programme the Indonesian Art and Culture Scholarship (IACS) in order to be an effort to introduce the Indonesian’s cultural art to foreigners. This programme apparently not only serves as public diplomacy but also promote the local cultural art to the world. IACS programme extend in several regions of Indonesia including East Java. Therefore, Tourism Office of East Java gives the foreigner the task to study cultural art at Tydif dance studio Surabaya. This study was utilized descriptive-qualitative approach in order to describe the learning process and the learning interaction of cultural arts performed by foreigners at the studio Tydif Surabaya. The results of the study found that the process of learning cultural art was set through several method, i.e. The cultural art observation, outside of class studio learning), classroom learning, and they were closed with the evaluation through the Indonesia Channel.