Function of Ludruk Irama Budaya in the Presevation Theater Traditional

  • Rudlofuddin Jindan Universitas Negeri Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia


This study aims to show the position of folk art "Ludruk" in Surabaya East Java Indonesia.  This research is a kind of qualitative research. The data collection techniques are done by observation, interview and documentation. Ludruk Irama Budaya is one of the performing arts of the people who live and develop in the midst of urban society. The existence of Ludruk Irama Budaya became an iconic form which is seeded but gradually began to be abandoned by its supporting community. In the midst of modern currents that hit our society today, making some forms of popular art more blurred existence. The life of folk art is increasingly apprehensive in quantity and quality. But not the same for the Surabaya City Society. For them Ludruk art is a means of distribution of expression that will eventually develop related to the paradigm of the community about the arts that developed in the city of Surabaya. Conservation efforts remain to be done as a form of public awareness of art living in this city of Surabaya. Growth Ludruk Irama Budaya always include many aspects, including the perpetrators, the community and the form of performances.